International Seminar of Young Tibetologists

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Tashi Delek and welcome to the Homepages of the International Seminar for Young Tibetologists!

Throughout these pages you will find information about our nascent research network, previous conferences and the upcoming seminar in Leipzig, Germany.

Leipzig 2015

The next seminar of the ISYT will be held from September 7 to 12, 2015 at the University of Leipzig, Germany as decided at the business meeting at the Kobe seminar of 2012

The Second Circular with registration details has been published

For more information please rfere to the Leipzig 2015 - Registration Information

We want to thank all of the 233 applicants for submitting abstracts for the upcoming ISYT conference. We will soon finalize the review and selection process and shortly be able to inform all applicants.

The submission has been closed.